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Absolom Rex by K. L. Coones

Absolom Rex Reviewed by Chris Phillips

Coones has taken historical fiction and paranormal fiction, and combined them both into a twist on the life story of Pontius Pilate. Only lightly skimming over the history known from Biblical stories and myths, Coones dives into the other reasons for Pontius’s actions. Taking Pontius’s life from his appointment as governor of Judea through the time of the end of this life cycle for Pontius, Coones provides a very different picture of this historic figure.

It seems that although fate drags Pontius through the epic drama that is the crucifixion of Jesus, there is another element not seen as clearly from the Gospel accounts. Coones shows how fear can drive a man to take actions he knows will only bring misfortune.

Pontius is the main character, but his wife Claudia, the Lady Agrippina as the major protagonist and the captain of Pontius’ guard, Actius, are integral to this tale. Thoroughly developed as living, breathing people, the turns of plot bring to light a deeper side of these characters. While Pontius goes through life afraid, always afraid of making the wrong choice, he does well with Claudia and Actius acting as trusted advisors. The story does not go into details about those parts already known through the Biblical accounts; in fact, Coones glosses over much of that to get to the underlying and formerly hidden situations.

As the governor of Judea, Pontius makes many decisions that result in life-or-death consequences. These decisions become the root cause for him to return to Rome and face a nearly insane Caligula and answer impossible questions about some of Pontius’s poor decisions. Time after time, Pontius chooses fear over rational thought and continues the downward slide in his fortunes and his life’s meaning and purpose.