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The Rendition by Albert Ashforth

The Rendition Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Did you ever wonder what really goes on behind the story that we are told about a war? This book tells us what really is hidden from the press, the story behind the story.

Alex Klear is sent on a top-secret mission to Germany. Alex breaks into a house belonging to Ursula Vogt who is a journalist for a German magazine. As he breaks into the home, Colonel Sylvia Frost watches for police a block away. Alex finds Ursula’s writings hidden in a room behind her bed. Hopefully, what they have uncovered will provethat the American they are holding in the murder of Vogt is innocent.

Doug Brinkman is a Green Beret who has been the handyman for Vogt while trying to get information about who has gassed 40 soldiers; America is being blamed for this horrible crime.

More Than Sorrow by Vicki Delany

More Than Sorrow Reviewed by Teri Davis

“It can be difficult for people to understand that you are ill, very ill, when they can’t see any visible wounds. Easy for them to suspect you’re not as sick as you make out.”

Hannah Manning has this problem. As a journalist on assignment in Afghanistan, she is injured. She comes home with a traumatic brain injury to the occipital lobe. Daily fighting headaches, voices, hallucinations, and trauma can exhaust anyone not to mention, complicating your life and concentration. Living on a family farm In Prince Edward County, Ontario, where everyone is needed for the business to succeed, she quickly finds herself a burden to her sister’s family.

More than Sorrow effectively interweaves two tales into Hannah’s recovery, one is about Hila Popalzai who is staying with the neighbors and is also recovering from an explosion killing her family in Afghanistan and the story of the American Revolution told from the perspective of a Tory family. For both Hila and Hannah, they develop a friendship to help healing, Hila for her visible scars andHannah for her invisible ones. While all this is going on, Hannah has to daily interact with the family and has difficulty especially with her sister’s husband, Jake, who is resentful that Hannah lives there as a guest with no responsibilities.