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The Confession by Charles Todd (Review #2)

The Confession Reviewed by Teri Davis

What would any police inspector do when a man seeks him out at Scotland Yard to confess that he has actually murdered a man? Added to this, this man states that he will not be punished for his crime since he is near to death. The man is dying of stomach cancer. Essentially, this is a deathbed confession.

Inspector Rutledge investigates but is sidetracked when he discovered this man’s body was discovered in the Thames River. He was not drowned, but was shot in the back of the head. Why kill a dying man? Quickly, he also discovers that the dying man identified himself with a false name. Why? Added to this is a locket around the dead man’s neck. The locket belonged to a woman who long ago disappeared.

Ian Rutledge is dealing with his own guilt from fighting in France during World War I. Being given orders and being responsible for these orders being carried out, Rutledge was placed in the situation of leading his men on a suicidal mission. When his best friend refused the order, Rutledge was forced to shoot him. Now, the guilt daily stays with him in the form of the assassinated man speaking with him in his mind. There is evidence of shell-shock in every war.

The Return of Bowie Bravo by Christine Rimmer

The Return of Bowie BravoReviewed by Jane Squires

This is another great Bravo story. Each one is an adventure. The beginning will have you remembering the birth of your children with vivid recollections.

Glory realizes when Bowie returns she has never quit loving him. Yet she is leary of allowing him back in her life. Yet for the sake of his son, Johnny, she does.

I loved reading all about Johnny and his reconnection with his Dad. Christine brings out all the feelings of the characters and the struggles they all have.

Every time I think I’ve found my favorite Bravo story, Christine does it again. So I’ll just say I like them all. The reader will feel like they are connecting with all the Bravo’s.

The Second Time We Met by Lisa Cobo

The Second Time We MetReviewed by Julie Moderson

What a wonderful story of love of one’s parents and at the same time longing for one’s birth parents.

Asher Stone has a perfect life. He is a star soccer player with great parents and a girlfriend that is beautiful and a fantastic friend. When tragedy strikes his life, rather than accept how lucky he is, Asher begins looking for his past and wondering what he will find.

All adoptive parents must fear the day their son or daughter wants to look for their “real parents” but Asher’s parents have encouraged him to look as he was growing up. The only thing they fear is that Asher will be hurt by this woman who had the foresight to give her son a better life rather than to raise him herself. Asher and his girlfriend go on a trip to Colombia and since Asher is not able to speak Spanish, he understands more than he can speak.