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Getting Lucky by D.C. Brod

Reviewed by Teri Davis

In Getting Lucky, a reporter is discovered dead in an apparent hit and run accident on a deserted road with her loyal dog at her side. Why would anyone walk their dog on a road with no sidewalks? This doesn’t make sense.

Robyn Guthrie, a freelance reporter for the paper, agrees to look into what Clair had been investigating at the time of her death. What she didn’t plan on was that way too many people were interested in this story.

Getting Lucky has a freshness of realism. Robyn is constantly distracted by real life. Keeping her life in balance is a challenge as this investigation unveils. She also questions old-friendships, her current love, her future wants, and who she can actually trust.

Having a wealthy mother is a comfort to her, but her mother is not happy at her nursing home. Even though she suffers from Alzheimer’s, her mother would like for Robyn and her to purchase a house together. The timing could not be worst. Robyn has just turned down moving in with her boyfriend after the two discovered they had different viewpoints on having children. With Robyn in her early forties, she is not planning on having children which does destroy her boyfriend’s dreams.

Death of a Kingfisher by M.C. Beaton

Death of a Kingfisher Reviewed by Teri Davis

When you are a police constable in the Highland in Scotland, the community expects you to be at their beckoned call and expect you to be knowledgeable of all crimes, no matter how minor. This includes investigations of fairies, whether real or not, and all superstitions. This is the problem of Hamish Macbeth in Death of a Kingfisher.

In Braikie, Scotland, this small village has discovered that they can draw people to their community by turning the local forested area, Buchan’s Woods, into a tourist attraction. This area is a habitat for a family of kingfishers and the fairies. Noticing the success of this attraction, the area is renamed “The Fairy Glen” and the tourism greatly benefits the town.

Everything changes when a kingfisher is found murdered and strung up in a tree. With further investigation, this family of birds has also been poisoned. Why would anyone kill a bird and its family?

While investigating this death of a bird family, Hamish becomes entwined with the married director of the woods who seems to be able to bewitch him with her physical beauty and her blue eyes. Is this affecting his investigation and not allowing him to suspect her as a possible suspect?

Trader of Secrets by Steve Martini (Review #3)

Trader of Secrets Reviewed by Allen Hott

Quite a beginning. Herman Diggs, the chief investigator used by Paul Madriani and his investigative law firm, is lying in a hospital with what would probably be mortal wounds for most folks. But Herman is battling and as usual the big fellow will probably be victorious. In the meantime Madriani and Joselyn Cole are being grilled by the FBI for more information about Liquida, who although wounded by Diggs in their knife fight, is on the loose.

Martini has used these characters in previous books and has brought them all together again for an exciting and well thought out book. This time Liquida has decided that he will put an end to Madriani, his associates, and his daughter. However he also has business to attend to so he can keep his funds up for the style of life he leads.

As Diggs finally comes to enough to whisper to Madriani his first words scare Madriani very badly. Diggs mumbles “Sarah…..farm” and Madriani immediately realizes that Diggs is warning him that the Liquida is heading to the farm where Harry Hinds, Madriani’s partner, has hidden out with Sarah, Madriani’s daughter.

Bleed For Me by Michael Robotham

Bleed for Me Reviewed by Elizabeth Sheehan

The story begins in England with a psych patient, Liam Baker, at a hearing for his release. He’s in the psych hospital for nearly beating to death and leaving his victim, Zoe Hagarty, paralyzed from the waist down. Professor Joe O’Laughlin, a psychologist, who had treated Liam in the past asks to speak and proves beyond a doubt that he has not changed and should not be released.

Shortly later his daughter Charlie’s best friend Sienna, who is Zoe’s sister, appears at his front door covered in blood. She runs away and is found on the banks of a river by Joe. She is hospitalized and the blood is found to be her father’s, a former police officer. She is a cutter with scars on her arms. Her father is then found dead in their home and you begin to learn more about him. Joe starts to ask questions mainly because of his daughter’s friendship with Sienna. As he becomes more and more involved a manipulative killer is brought to light.