A Time for Peace by Barbara Cameron

A Time for PeaceReviewed by Teri Davis

A Time for Peace is about choosing to live and become one of the Amish.

Jenny and Matthew live as an Amish couple in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with their three children. Outwardly they look typically Amish. Inwardly though, Matthew is truly Amish and was a widower. He married Jenny who chose to become Amish and become the mother of this family.

This is the third book in this series by Barbara Cameron entitled the Quilts of Lancaster County. The first book in this series was A Time to Love and the second was A Time to Heal. Even without reading the first two, this is easy to understand the characters and their pasts.

A Time for Peace is a typical love story with a predictable ending based on the Amish lives of two families. For characters that were not raised as Amish, I was amazed on how easily the former military soldiers adjusted to this lifestyle. Also, I was questioning the lifestyle in that an Amish mother of three would have free time to write her novel during the day. Basically, much of the story seemed contrived to the point of being unrealistic. With three step-children, adjusting to a completely different way of life, there would be many more daily problems.

I also questioned the use of a cell phone with the Amish. Apparently this is realistic. For any Amish farmer, I can understand why they would take a cell phone out into the field; however, there will need to be some energy source to keep it charged.

Barbara Cameron has written numerous novels and won the first Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. She lives in Florida. Her inspiration for this set of novels was her visiting the Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

This story is for those who enjoy predictable romance novels.

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