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L.A. Mental: A Thriller by Neil McMahon

L.A. MentalReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Dr. Tom Crandall, a clinical psychologist, is awakened late one night by a telephone call. The call was from his brother Nick who is addicted to drugs. Dr. Crandall knew things did not sound good and he had to get to Nick as soon as possible.

When he found Nick, Dr. Crandall witnessed a very bizarre behavior by his brother. Nick kept saying that worms were inside his brain. Dr. Crandall tried to do everything possible to calm down Nick but before he could stop him, Nick goes over the cliff and lands in the water. What is going on with Nick? Test results show some drugs present but they are not the type of results Tom expected.

Many strange things start to happen including Paul, Tom’s brother, allowing a movie company to build a set on one of their properties and threats to Tom’s family. The movie producer is a scientist who is rather bizarre. Could there be some connection between this movie company and what happened to Nick?

Defensive Wounds: A Novel of Suspense by Lisa Black

Defensive WoundsReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Forensic scientist Theresa MacLean receives a message from her daughter, Rachael, who works at the front desk of the Ritz-Carlton. The hotel is hosting a convention for defense attorneys. Rachael informs Theresa that someone is dead. The person murdered is Marie Corrigan, a high profile lawyer, who is not well liked by many including Theresa. Marie was known to do some unethical things to win her case including falsifying evidence.

Theresa begins an investigation and really has a very difficult job to do because any type of evidence found could belong to anyone who has checked into the room. Theresa is very thorough with what she does. She also runs different scenarios through her mind as to what could have happened to Marie. The way the killer left Marie’s body was also very strange.

It doesn’t take long for two more bodies to show up. Is someone killing defensive attorneys on a random basis or is there some kind of link between each person?