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Cry for Justice by Ralph Zeta

Cry for JusticeReviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Successful Palm Beach lawyer Jason Justice specializes in divorce cases involving prenuptial agreements. Even when the agreement seems iron-clad, he can often find a loophole in it and ensure that justice is done. He’s managed to survive and thrive even under the difficult economic conditions and times America is going through. But, can he survive a case that’s brought to him by his girlfriend (Nora), whose friend’s (Amy Kelly’s) mother has been scammed out of millions of dollars, and was possibly murdered by the same man? The stunning, suspenseful, and page-turning debut novel, Cry For Justice, by Ralph Zeta will keep you reading until late into the night, and you won’t want to put it down.

Life is pretty sweet for Jason Justice. He drives a Porsche, dates hot women, and lives in a yacht he bought from his father’s estate after his father died of cancer. He still owes money on the yacht, but it is well worth it to him to have kept it in the family, and he has plans to travel with Nora on it to the Bahamas. Nora was one of his father’s attending physicians two years before.

Gun-shy in part because of his own parents’ miserable marriage, and in part from what he’s seen as a divorce lawyer, Justice is very jaded about marriage, and feels that most marriages are travesties. He and Nora have lasted longer together as a couple than anyone else Jason’s dated, and they have an agreement not to talk about marriage that both have held to and have seemed satisfied with.