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The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma

The Reading PromiseReviewed by Joanne Reynolds

Alice and her Dad, Jim, started a reading streak, where he would read to her, that lasted for 3,218 nights. It was difficult at times, but they managed to always find the time to do it.

Jim was an excellent librarian. There was a divorce between him and his wife and Jim was raising two daughters on his own.

Obviously he had a great love for books that he was able to pass on to at least one daughter, Alice.

The chapters are wonderful. Alice gives us the time table and a quote to lead each one. Usually the quote will fit in very nicely with the chapter.

The Shattering by Karen Healey

The ShatteringReviewed by Teri Davis

The seasons in New Zealand are the opposite of those in America. During the Christmas season, they traditionally celebrate under the hot summer sun and look forward to the New Year’s Eve celebration in the scenic tourist town of Summerton.

A death in any family can cause an immense amount of hurt. For Keri and her family, they are devastated since the death of her older brother, Jack. He committed suicide and did not even leave a note. Besides the grief, dealing with the questions is difficult for everyone. Her parents decided to even cancel Christmas this year. Even though Keri is seventeen-years-old, she understands that the funeral was costly but she still feels disappointed.

Keri is surprised when she is approached by two other teens that also had older brothers who committed suicide. Strangely, this does seem to be unusually coincidental, and leads the three to believe that perhaps the suicides were really murders. With Keri is Janna who is a beautiful musician and Sione who is a visiting tourist with a brilliant mathematical mind as together they investigate the deaths while also attempting to prevent any further suicides.