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Following Polly by Karen Bergreen

Following PollyReviewed by Julie Moderson

Karen Bergreen is a standup comedian and her sense of humor and wit shows in Following Polly. It was the most creative book I have ever read. You love all the characters in her book even the ones you hate. You don’t see the ending coming and Bergreen really confuses you as to who done it.

Alice Teakle is such a loveable character. She decides to follow Polly after getting fired from her job. Alice hasn’t liked Polly since college because Polly acted like she was better than everyone. Now Polly is all over the tabloids because she is married to the movie director Humphrey Dawson and Polly has her own lingerie company and she has a very chic wardrobe. In Following Polly, Alice realizes that she is an invisible person. She even sits next to Polly and she doesn’t recognize Alice. The day that Alice decides to stop following Polly, Polly turns up dead and Alice becomes the number one suspect.