Murder, She Wrote: A Date with Murder by Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain and Jon Land

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Broken Chord: A Music Row Mystery by Alice A. Jackson

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Shortcut (The Cut Series Book 2) by Arnold Eslava-Grunwaldt

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Daily Archives: September 1, 2011

The Sixes by Kate White (Review #2)

The SixesReviewed by Vickie Dailey

Famous writer Phoebe Hall has been accused of plagerism. Her long-term boyfriend has left her for another woman. In an effort to get away and wait for the dust to settle Phoebe takes a job at Lyle college. Her friend Glenda Johns is the school dean. As a favor to her friend, she starts to investigate a secret society of girls called The Sixes. Phoebe knows well from first-hand experience the damage such a group can do as she herself was terrorized while at boarding school with Glenda.

When one of the students is found drowned in the river, Phoebe delves closer in to the mystery of the Sixes and someone starts trying to frighten her off with scary little presents left in her house. With the help of Hutch, a retired school security officer, they try to put together the pieces of Lily Mack’s death. When Phoebe finds Hutch dead, she herself is almost killed. When the police step in and tell her to back off her investigation, she continues until all the secrets are unraveled.

Under the Dog Star by Sandra Parshall

Under the Dog StarReviewed by Patricia Reid

Family pets are disappearing in Mason County and Veterinarian Rachel Goddard is stumped as to why the dogs are missing and attempting to devise some method to locate the dogs. Rachel has moved in with Tom Bridger, Mason County Sheriff’s Deputy. Rachel and Tom are rapidly adapting to the new living arrangement. Tom worries that Rachel is spending too much time worrying about the missing dogs. Notices have been posted every place and he is sure the mystery will be solved before long.

Tom has another dog-related problem to occupy his mind. There is a pack of feral dogs running around killing livestock. Rachel is determined to help Tom and the local animal authorities capture the dogs and be able to get the dogs to a point where they would once again be the faithful dog of a family in need of a pet. The feral pack is believed to have been brought about by the fact that people who have lost their jobs and their homes have taken to dumping their pets in Mason County in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. The pack had been formed by the group of dogs just struggling for survival.

Suddenly the case of the lost pets and the feral dogs take a back seat to a gruesome murder. Dr. Gordon Hall, head of Tri-County General Hospital is found dead on his property. When Tom arrives on the scene, he finds Dr. Hall’s body along the edge of the woods near his house. Dr. Hall’s throat had been ripped open by a savage animal.

Dr. Hall’s wife Vicky is in very bad health. Vicky is in advanced kidney failure. The Hall’s have one natural son, Ethan, and three adopted children. As the investigation proceeds, it appears that Dr. Hall was not a very popular person in the community and the Hall family was far from a close-knit family.

Monument to Murder by Margaret Truman

Monument to MurderReviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

How is a Savannah, Georgia’s prostitute’s murder linked to the highest office of the land, and to the First Lady, Jeanine Jamison? When the struggling P.I. Robert Braxton takes the twenty-year-old case of clearing the prostitute and drug user, Louise Watkin’s, name of murder, little does he know at the time that many wealthy and influential people would rather see him dead than the case dug up again, rehashed, and solved. Monument to Murder, the twenty-fifth novel in Margaret Truman’s long-running Capital Crimes series, is a page-turning novel filled with intrigue and suspense that Truman’s fans will definitely want to add to their reading lists.

Louise Watkins confessed to stabbing a man to death, a man she claimed was trying to rape her. Though the detective in charge of the case had his doubts that the confession was a genuine one, she had confessed, and knew where the murder weapon was, thrown from a bridge into the river, and the cops were able to recover it. All of the evidence seemed to point to her as the culprit. She served four years, was released from prison, and then was shot to death in an apparent drive-by shooting. But was that really what it was, or did someone try to make her death seem to look like a drive-by shooting, when the real reason she was killed was to shut her up?

A Time for Peace by Barbara Cameron

A Time for PeaceReviewed by Teri Davis

A Time for Peace is about choosing to live and become one of the Amish.

Jenny and Matthew live as an Amish couple in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with their three children. Outwardly they look typically Amish. Inwardly though, Matthew is truly Amish and was a widower. He married Jenny who chose to become Amish and become the mother of this family.

This is the third book in this series by Barbara Cameron entitled the Quilts of Lancaster County. The first book in this series was A Time to Love and the second was A Time to Heal. Even without reading the first two, this is easy to understand the characters and their pasts.

A Time for Peace is a typical love story with a predictable ending based on the Amish lives of two families. For characters that were not raised as Amish, I was amazed on how easily the former military soldiers adjusted to this lifestyle. Also, I was questioning the lifestyle in that an Amish mother of three would have free time to write her novel during the day. Basically, much of the story seemed contrived to the point of being unrealistic. With three step-children, adjusting to a completely different way of life, there would be many more daily problems.