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Hey Kids, Want Some Chocolates? My Family’s Journey to Freedom by Melitta Strandberg

Hey Kids, Want Some Chocolates?Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

During WW II the Germans performed many experiments on humans. Just the thought of this makes me cringe and wonder how any human can experiment with another living human and not care what suffering would result from such a thing. Melitta Strandberg was one of these babies. Unknowingly Melitta’s birth was at a hospital from which Hitler took babies without the parents’ permission in order to perform his many experiments, many of which are believed to be switching around the reproductive parts of very young as well as older children. They would then give another baby to the parents without telling them it was not their own child. Gisela, Melitta’s mother, knew it wasn’t her own baby but was forced to take the baby she was given. She would never give up until she found her own baby, which occurred after searching and asking questions of many people. Melitta was on her doorstep one day and Gisela knew immediately that this was her own baby girl.

The family, Oskar Mohr and Gisela, lived in Romania. They were both born just before the beginning of WW I. They made plans to move to Germany not knowing the events coming in a few years. They did make the move but they had to dispose of almost every possession since they had no way to move any goods with them except the clothes on their back and one suitcase. One prized possession was a sewing machine the family could not leave behind, so they broke it down and hid all the parts in a baby buggy for their travel to Weimar, Germany.

The war years went on with much of Germany being bombed, decimating most of the buildings making most of the residents leave for a safer place, if one could be found. The family eventually settled in Augsburg, Germany, a beautiful town that became their home in the west. Any travel was dangerous. One never knew how many or of what attitude would be held by the Russians, then in control of East Berlin, during the many stops required to go anywhere. The family got on to the last train leaving East Berlin traveling to West Berlin, controlled by the Americans. Most of the book contains the story of the entire family and explained mostly through what Oskar and Gisela had passed along to Melitta. The book is short but full of details of life as the family was forced to live it. Read it and learn about the wonderful life Melitta has had since.

Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane

Moonlight MileReviewed by Elizabeth Sheehan

The story takes place in the Boston, MA area. Twelve years earlier Amanda McCready was kidnapped. This was actually done by rogue police who then placed her in a loving home. She is found by PI’s Patrick Kenzie and his wife Angela Gennaro. Patrick insists on returning her to her mother Helene who to be honest is a poor example of a parent. He has always questioned his decision. Amanda now 16 along with her friend Sophie are now missing again. Patrick & Angela are again asked to investigate. Then a mystery begins with Patrick being beaten and his laptop taken by someone associated with the Russian mob.