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The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

The SnowmanReviewed by Gina Metz

The Snowman is the fifth in Jo Nesbo’s detective Harry Hole series. It is the start of winter in Oslo when a woman disappears and all that is left behind is a Snowman with her scarf around the snowman’s neck. As Harry begins to investigate he notices a pattern in the disappearances of many women over the years. Combining that with an anonymous letter he has received Harry begins to believe that Oslo may have it’s first serial killer operating there.

The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo

The RedeemerReviewed by Gina Metz

Jo Nesbo brings back alcoholic Oslo detective Harry Hole. On a cold December night, people are gathered to listen to the Salvation Army carol concert when a shot rings out and a Salvation Army officer falls dead. In what appears to be an assassination there are no clues or evidence left by the killer. Harry has no motive and nothing to work with to try to locate the killer. However, when the assassin realizes he’s shot the wrong person and Harry’s investigation heats up the bodies start to pile up.