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Innocent by Scott Turow (Review #2)

InnocentReviewed by Allen Hott

Innocent is the follow up to an earlier Turow novel (Presumed Innocent) and another great story involving the legal profession.

Many years ago Rusty Sabich was an assistant prosecuting attorney’s whose former girlfriend had been found strangled. Although another P/A, Tommy Molto, had fought hard to prove Sabich guilty somehow the evidence got mishandled or botched. The end result was Sabich walked and the P/A ended up out of a job. Sabich shortly thereafter became the P/A and eventually became a judge. All this time Molto has lived with the idea that somehow Sabich got away with murder. Molto is now P/A in waiting and not only waiting for that job but another chance somehow at Sabich.

Currently Sabich is having marital problems and he has begun an affair with a much younger woman who works in the legal system with him. No one is aware of any of this until Sabich’s wife of over 30 years is found dead. A strange twist to the incident is the fact that Sabich sat next to the dead body for over twenty-four hours before reporting the death.

Another interesting subplot is the introduction of Sabich’s son who later in the story does something that helps make the story even stranger.

In the P/A’s office Jim Brand, Molto’s head assistant and close friend, begins to nag at Molto that the office needs to get deeply involved with the investigation. He is certain that Sabich had something to do with the death.