Lily Hates Goodbyes by Jerilyn Marler and Illustrator: Nathan Stoltenberg

Lily Hates GoodbyesReviewed by Teri Davis

What can any of us do to help a military family who has to deal with being sent overseas?

Jerilyn Marler wondered about that exact thing when her granddaughter was having difficulty with her father’s deployment with the Navy. From four-year-old Lily’s perspective, her life was ending.

This book allows a young child to talk about their temporary loss and feelings through Lily in the book. Dealing with a deployment is difficult for any family, Lily Hates Goodbyes even guides the family through this time and how to effectively deal with it.

Particularly for military families, this little book is excellent. Guiding through with some survival skills such as looking at the moon and talking to it as if it were her father, talking to her mom, hitting a pillow allows strategies for trying times. Also, the memory box for her father is a wonderful way for sharing for any parent that has to be gone for any time.

Also available is a coloring book that accompanies Lily Hates Goodbyes. The illustrations are wonderful. The story is well-told and perfect for any four-year-old to understand. The suggestions in the story and the back of the book are well-thought out for any family loss, particularly deployments. Jerilyn Marler resides in Oregon and has been a writer in the technical world for years. Nathan Stoltenberg also lives in the Northwest and is an up and coming artist in numerous fields.

Lily Hates Goodbyes is the perfect gift for every military family.

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