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Eyes Wide Open by Andrew Gross (Review #2)

Eyes Wide OpenReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Another terrific story by Andrew Gross who seemingly had his writing career boosted to stardom by writing several books in collaboration with James Patterson. In “Eyes Wide Open” Jay Erlich, a physician had a wonderful family. Kathy was his wife and they had two grown children. Unfortunately, Jay had an older half-brother, Charley, who was not a good family man. Yes, he was married and had a son, Evan, who had to be on medication to make life near normal. Charley had moved to California but his life was always in turmoil. Jay received a phone call from a distressed Charley who had received the word that Evan had committed suicide jumping from high rocks. Charley, in his usual stupor, did not think that Evan had taken his own life and he pleaded with Jay to come to California and help him get to the truth. Jay didn’t know if Charley knew what he was talking about or not but he reluctantly went after promising Kathy that he would only stay a day or two and would then return home.

Upon Jay’s arrival he learned all he could about the entire situation, not knowing what the truth was. Jay turned to Detective Don Sherwood who was handling the case for the coroner’s office. After hearing the detective’s description of what occurred, Jay had his doubts that this was a suicide and determined that he would dig into things. The detective said it is possible that it was not suicide but all he could go by was the coroners report. The first clue was the fact that the home Evan had been assigned to for his rehab released him in only one day, certainly not enough time for any rehab. This only made Jay dig deeper. The deeper Jay got into the investigation the more he suspected that something else dreadful had caused Evan’s death, not a suicide.