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Eyes Wide Open: A Novel by Andrew Gross

Eyes Wide OpenReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Evan Erlich’s body has been found at the bottom of a cliff. It appeared he jumped from a rock and committed suicide. Evan’s father, Charlie, called his brother, Jay, to tell him the news. Although the two brothers have not seen each other in years, Jay knew he had to leave his medical practice and go to his brother at this difficult time.

Charlie and his wife informed Jay of Evan’s many problems. They had him committed but the institution released him. Charlie, on the other hand, is no angel. He has a past that involved drugs and many other things. In the 1970’s Charlie had links to cultist murderer Russell Houvnanian.

After investigating, Jay is convinced that Evan’s death was not a suicide. Could Evan’s death be related to Charlie’s past? Jay soon finds himself involved in a cluster of lies, secrets and danger.

Will Jay be able to find out if Evan’s death was really a suicide or something much more?