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Strangle a Loaf of Italian Bread by Denise Dietz

Strangle a Loaf of Italian BreadReviewed by Teri Davis

Many normal people with ordinary jobs dream of their one chance for greatness. Sara Lee, not her real name, had her own dream. With a voice that sounded more like Barbara Streisand than Barbara Streisand, Sara expected to win the part of Dolly in the local production of “Hello, Dolly” at the l community theater. However, someone did not want her to audition. While taking a smoking break as a waitress, she was rehearsing in the back alley behind the restaurant, she was strangled from behind by someone grabbing her Daffy Duck necktie which was part of her uniform.

Who would want her dead? “… nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.” Was that true?

Ellie Bernstein loves sleuthing with her fiancée, Peter Miller who works as a detective in Colorado Springs. Peter is concerned about Ellie endangering herself by sticking her nose into possibly dangerous situations. Daily, she works as a leader with Weight Winners making many friends and acquaintances through her connections.