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Betrayal of Trust: A J.P. Beaumont Novel by J.A. Jance

Betrayal of TrustReviewed by Nancy Eaton

A mysterious snuff video is discovered on a teenager’s phone. At first, the young girl in the video is smiling. All of a sudden the blue scarf around her neck is tightened. Is she dead? Is this some kind of game? Who is the girl?

The young man of interest is the step-grandson of the Governor of Washington. The Governor needs help and asks for assistance from an old high school friend J.P. Beaumont. Beaumont and his partner Mel (both on the job and in life) work for the Special Homicide Investigation Team.

Beaumont and Mel begin an investigation. The teenager denies everything and insists he did not know the girl in the video. He is a young man who has a troubled past. His mother died of a drug overdose and his father was an addict. He is going through a rough time at school.

Under Fire by Margaret McLean

Under FireReviewed by Cy Hilterman

The author makes you actually feel as though you are in the story whether it is as a cop, a fireman, a defense or prosecuting attorney, a person on trial, the witnesses of the alleged crime, or just in the presence of all of the afore mentioned. “Under Fire” is written so you can’t get lost, as some stories seem to do intentionally! You will find you are placing yourself in the capacity of a small storeowner as you discover your store is on fire and you think your son is trapped upstairs in his bedroom. What to do? The you hear amidst the smoke some crashing of something followed by lights from what turned out to be a fireman’s belt flashlight as two of them attempt to get you out while searching the rest of the building for any others that might be trapped. Are you in this story yet? You will be if not!

You figure more firemen arrive when you hear some sirens. You make it out of the building, as does your son who does have injuries from the smoke and fire. You watch feeling helpless as your own store burns. Then, as fast as your concern was on your store and your son, you are arrested for burning down your own store. It’s a nightmare you want to be awakened from never to return. But a fireman has been shot during the attempt to fight the fire and he was killed.

Sarah Lynch had formerly been a prosecutor. Her uncle, Buddy Clancy, was a defense attorney that used many different types of moods and words in his defense. When Buddy was asked to defend Amina Diallo, the owner of the ruined store, he contacted Sarah and talked her into helping in the defense despite the fact that Sarah had been a prosecutor. Amina’s son, Malick, had been injured in the fire but he also was one of the suspects because of his proximity during the fire. Sarah had mixed emotions since some time ago she had lost one of her best friends who was a fireman in a fire. Now she was to defend a woman charged with killing another fireman. Sarah also knew other firemen and policemen very well, which also made her job more difficult.

The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo (Review #2)

The RedbreastReviewed by Gina Metz

The Redbreast is the third book in Jo Nesbo’s Detective Harry Hole series. Due to a miscommunication, Harry has embarrassed the force by shooting a secret service agent while on security detail when the President of the U.S. is visiting Oslo. He’s now been reassigned a desk job to monitor Neo-Nazi activities in Oslo.

Shortly after beginning this job Harry begins to try to track a gun that has been smuggled into Oslo that is a gun preferred by assassins and investigating several different murders that initially appear to have no links to each other. The mystery leads back to WWII and Norway’s willing collaboration with Nazi Germany. Jo Nesbo brings to life what that time was like for a soldier serving on the front from Norway.

Harry is an alcoholic struggling to keep his position on the force. As the body count continues to rise Nesbo keeps the reader flipping pages as fast as possible to see if Harry will solve the mystery before there are more deaths and before he succumbs to the bottle again.

Nemesis by Jo Nesbo

NemesisReviewed by Gina Metz

Alcoholic Detective Harry Hole is back in Jo Nesbo’s fourth book in this series. Nemesis begins with Harry going to have dinner with an old flame and waking up the next morning in an alcohol induced fog, no memory of the evening and has lost his cell phone. The same day the old flame is found dead from a gunshot wound to the head which is deemed a suicide.

Harry believes Anna has been murdered and tries to quietly investigate her death without divulging to the police department that he knows her and had dinner with her the night of her death and his belief that she was murdered. He has to find out what happened as with no memory of the evening he cannot be sure he doesn’t have any involvement in her death.

At the same time, Harry is assigned to a team that is investigating a series of bank robberies where a teller was murdered in the first robbery. Harry relentless works on both cases with the help of his partner Halvorsen and Beate Lonn, a young female officer from the robbery division.