The Sixth Man by David Baldacci (Review #2)

The Sixth ManReviewed by Allen Hott

Once again, David Baldacci calls upon Sean King and Michelle Maxwell to solve a crime involving national politics. The Sixth Man is their fifth adventure together and all have been somehow involved in that area. And as usual their adventure turns into a win-win for the reader. A lot of action, suspense, and plot twists and turns without a lot of profanity or out and out sex. Baldacci knows how to write to please most readers.

The Sixth Man is actually a type of savant. Edgar Roy, the Sixth Man, has a photographic mind and he does not forget anything that he has ever seen or heard in his entire lifetime. With this tremendous ability he is also able to basically foresee what may come next. He has so much stored information that he is able to call upon as reference points that very few happenings are completely new to him.

Peter Bunting, the founder and head of one of the country’s largest intelligence groups, has been using Edgar Roy to keep not only up with the happenings around the world but to even predict with some certainty future events.

However Roy was recently charged with the death of six men whose bodies were found in his barn. Consequently he now is imprisoned in Cutter’s Rock, a super security Federal prison for the criminally insane.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are on their way to meet with Ted Bergin who is Roy’s attorney and an old friend of Sean King. However on their way into the Maine area where Cutter’s Rock and Bergin is the pair find a dead man in a car alongside the road.

The dead man happens to be Ted Bergin, the attorney!

From that point on Mr. Baldacci weaves a tale of greed, murder, and especially intrigue. There are many plot changes and various other incidents that combine to make this a great read.

Interesting also is the way that the entire government of the United States finds its place in the novel as everyone up to the President seem to somehow get involved in the story as it bends and weaves. Many of the characters and even the murders are fairly easily figured out and put together like any good mystery.

But the ending in this one will pretty well stun even most Baldacci fans. Not only is one of the main villains very well hidden up to the end but also the climatic ending leaves one of the main Baldacci characters in a terribly bad condition.

Cheers once more to David Baldacci for a great (although somewhat longer than usual) read!

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