The Rule of Nine by Steve Martini (Review #2)

The Rule of NineReviewed by Vickie Dailey

Steve Martini delivers again. The Rule of Nine does rely heavily on characters from Guardian of Lies, but can be read without the background.

In Guardian of Lies Paul was involved in a nearby nuclear explosion in Coronado. Forced by the government to keep quiet. Paul Madriani is approached by Joselyn Cole, a weapons expert, who thinks he needs to go public with what he knows to stop future threats.

While working together Paul and Joselyn being to fear that Liquida Muerta or the “Mexicutioner” (from Guardian of Lies) has teamed up with the Old Weatherman in a plot to take down the government and draw the country into a maelstrom of terror. The plot twist of this novel makes it most exciting.

While a series character does need to grow to remain fresh, I would prefer that Steve Martini take Paul Madriani back to his courtroom thrillers.

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