Tabloid City by Pete Hamill

Tabloid CityReviewed by Julie Moderson

One winter night in the world’s greatest city, New York City, a wealthy socialite and her secretary are found murdered. This is a newspaper’s idea of “murder at a good address”. A young reporter chases the scoop while a NYPD detective investigates the killings, a disgraced hedge-fund guy decides to flee the county, an Iraq disabled veteran seeks payback, a desperate immigrant turns to her last resort and an angry extremist plots a deadly attack.

This is just the start of this great novel. You follow all of the characters and try to understand what makes them tick. The story moves from fancy address to poor sections of New York, from classy hotels to the meatpacking district. You feel for some of the characters as you hear their stories and you really dislike others. The action never stops since news never stops. It is a story that will keep you guessing how all the characters will all come together. This is an extraordinary novel and a fast read.

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