Quest for the Nail Prints by Don Furr

Quest for the Nail PrintsReviewed by Cy Hilterman

The author describes his book, “A fictitious account of an actual event”. This fictitious account is of the times of Jesus and actually has the reader traveling with Jesus, his disciples, his followers, and those that oppose Him towards the end of the last three years of His life. “Quest” begins as it introduces us to Dr. Elizabeth Stewart, a young hospital resident who worked on emergency flights as well as in the hospital; Professor Leonardo Van Eaton, an elderly professor, and Reverend Paul Ryann who pastored a church in Memphis. Rev. Ryann is married to Laura and the two of them have a very good life together. When the possibility of a trip to Israel becomes a possibility for Paul, he is not sure if the circumstances would permit such a trip around the Easter holiday but he has always dreamed of going there much of his life. At the same time, Dr. Stewart and Professor Van Eaton also had plans to travel, Dr. Stewart to Israel and the professor to New Delhi, but the three of them had never met and were thrown together by circumstances while traveling to almost the same destination.

While traveling on the same airplane, the three met and many discussions occurred with only the professor being the doubtful one about faith. Paul and Elizabeth were of the same mindset but Van Eaton always had a hard time being a believer. When the professor’s flight to New Delhi was cancelled, he decided, reluctantly, to join the others on a tour of Israel. Paul and Elizabeth became close friends especially since their beliefs were similar but not a close romantic type friendship, just enjoying each other seeing what they always had dreamed of seeing. The professor joined them on the tour also since he had nothing else to do. After finishing the tour, they decided to walk around to see more of the area. While walking they thought they heard a call of distress from down an alley so Paul thought they better investigate. They found a young woman being attacked by two soldiers at the end of the alley and, knowing they were caught, the soldiers started chasing the group. No matter where the trio went the soldiers were close behind since they knew the city and the trio had no idea where they were. Suddenly the three were traveling through very old buildings, falling through floors and dropping into the cellars, and seemingly lost with no direction known to be safe.

This unknown area led them into what eventually was thought to be “time travel” that took them back to the day’s when Jesus roamed the earth. Everything was different, clothing, the people them selves, women not being prominent, old dirt roads, and buildings that were so very crudely built. It took them some time to realize where they were and what they were seeing, but all along not knowing why or how they were there in the times of Jesus. As I read this excellent book I learned so much about those times, mostly through the biblical readings and phrases that became a prominent part of the book. Yes, I have read the bible but the way the author presented those times shined great light on the disciples, the followers of Jesus, the way people lived and died, the lack of law enforcement, the crude ways of cooking and eating, what they ate, how they traveled, and so much more that only your reading of “Quest for the Nails” would allow you to grasp the fullness of Don Furr’s showing and telling of those times.

While the term “you can’t put it down” has become too widely used, this book adds more to that term. I loved it and I can only imagine the research that the author did to garner all the many facets he delivers in his book. Don’t miss it.

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