Devil Wind by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid

Devil WindReviewed by Patricia Reid

It is 1999 and in Los Angeles Santa Ana winds are causing wildfires and Y2K is right around the corner. Sammy Greene who is hosting a talk radio show finds that there is no end to the wild events that Y2K will bring. Sammy’s father, Jeffrey Greene, is a real estate tycoon in the city but Sammy is hesitant to make contact with him. Sammy was close to her previous step-mother but since her father got a divorce and is now remarried Sammy hasn’t bothered to get in touch with Jeffrey since she moved to California. Sammy has always felt that her dad was more interested in his own life and concerns than that of his daughter.

When Sammy gets a call about the discovery of a burned body, she decides to check into the story and discovers that the body has been identified as Ana Pappajohn, the daughter of Sammy’s old friend Gus Pappajohn. Sammy notifies Gus Pappajohn who immediately flies to California to claim his daughter’s body.

The story switches back and forth between Sammy’s actions and that of Ana Pappajohn who actually was still alive. Ana is working for an expensive escort service and is separated at a party from her friend and roommate Sylvie. Somehow the two had gotten their purses mixed up and Ana wound up with Sylvie’s purse. When Sylvie’s body is discovered it is thought that the body was that of Ana’s since Sylvie carried Ana’s ID.

Ana’s date was Neil Prescott, a U. S. Congressman, who was working with Sammy’s father and had some deals going to insure his reelection. The people Prescott was working with were ruthless individuals that would go to any lengths to promote their own interests. Ana soon discovered that Sylvie was passing information regarding the activities of the escort service’s clients. Ana stumbled on some documentation that Sylvie had hidden and the fact that she might have the documentation put Ana’s life in danger.

This novel has several story lines going at the same time. Sammy and her friend Gus begin to believe that Ana is still alive and in hiding and that many details of the burned victim’s death have been manipulated to avoid anyone discovering the true identity of the victim.

Sammy takes many chances to discover to locate her friend Gus’ daughter. It seems that at every turn there is intrigue and cover-up. The authors bring the multiple story lines together in a satisfying and surprising way.

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