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Palestine by Jonathan Bloomfield

PalestineReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Palestine is full of facts of history pertaining to the long and diverse history of Palestine and surrounding nations. It tells of the long turmoil between the nation of Palestine and surrounding nations but particularly Israel. The facts and locales in the book are true as are most of the names with only a few characters fictionalized from what I could see. The human brutality that occurs is so hard to realize that it actually occurred, but it did. Killing just because one was another religion or from another nation is a steady diet through the book. I don’t care if you are Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, Egyptian, or a member of a family comprised of a combination of any of the above, you realize the hate, killing, and torture continues generally without remorse.

There are many individuals that appear throughout the book that are either leaders, members of various groups, or families caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. If they were from Israel and traveling to Palestine they were vulnerable to attack, torture, rape, and a long, drawn out death. If one were lucky the death would be fast. The same circumstances go for someone from Palestine who was caught in Israel. To be quite honest I had a difficult time keeping the many individuals contained in this book separated from another. You must realize I am not familiar with the names of those that live in that part of the world. If I were from any one of the nations where this book took place I would no doubt recognize not only the individual names but also the military and civilian leadership contained.

You will feel as though you were with these people and live their brutal lives that in most occasions involve hurt mentally and/or physically. Prison, battlefield, hiding in an open or enclosed area, behind the scope of a snipers rifle watching and waiting, trying to exist with food scarcity, worrying about your family and many times not knowing where they were, much less not knowing their health condition or if they were still alive. These things among many other situations come to life as you travel and live with those in Palestine.