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The Body in the Gazebo by Katherine Hall Page

The Body in the GazeboReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Pix Miller has to travel to another state for her son’s wedding. She is reluctant to leave her elderly mother, Ursula, but knows her friend Faith will keep a close watch on her while she is away. When Pix meets her son’s in-laws, she is in for quite a surprise!

Faith receives the surprise of her life when Ursula informs her that she has a story to tell. Ursula also told Faith that it was a long story and by the time she got to the end she would need Faith’s help. Ursula told Faith about an unsolved crime that happened over seventy years ago. Once the story was told, Faith was not allowed to tell anyone about it! Recently, Ursula has been receiving some threatening mail. Could this mail be coming from the killer?

Faith’s husband, Reverend Thomas Fairchild, has a very serious problem. An audit revealed that $10,000 was missing from the minister’s discretionary fund. Since Tom is the only person who has access to this fund, he is the main suspect. Faith knows she has to help her husband clear his name. He would never steal funds from the church. Who is responsible? How did someone manage to get access to the fund?