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Worth Dying For by Lee Child

Worth Dying ForReviewed by Allen Hott

Jack Reacher is still wandering around in the cold Midwest. Jack Reacher is once again caught up in the evil doings of a small town in the middle of winter. Jack Reacher, the ex-MP/CIA agent, can always find good people who are being treated inhumanely by bad people. And when he does…look out bad people!

Following up on the ending of 61 Hours Lee Child has Reacher beat up and sore but hitchhiking and stranded in a small town in Nebraska. His last ride was going in a direction Reacher didn’t want to head to so he stopped at this town’s motel. The town only consisted of the motel and some nondescript buildings that looked to be empty. But it was night and he needed a place to sleep plus a cup of coffee.

However while drinking his coffee he watches while a pretty well inebriated doctor refuses to answer a phone call requesting him to make a house call. As the caller claims to be bleeding profusely Reacher decides the doctor should make the call and he takes the half drunk medico on his way in answer of the call.