Murder, She Wrote: A Date with Murder by Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain and Jon Land

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Broken Chord: A Music Row Mystery by Alice A. Jackson

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Shortcut (The Cut Series Book 2) by Arnold Eslava-Grunwaldt

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Daily Archives: April 3, 2011

He Kan’t Kill Your Future by Sharquent Webster

He Kan't Kill your FutureReviewed by Cy Hilterman

I have read several books about the terrible life in several cities such as Sharquent’s story of growing up in South Central Los Angeles. To me it would be paramount to growing up in a prison but with freedom to do anything you want to do, especially if it was bad. If that sounds harsh I meant it to. Sharquent’s life during all of her growing up years starting at a very young age tells a horror story forcing the reader to wonder how anyone could survive such an upbringing. The constant abuse in and out of her home; a father that left her to hang out there in no-woman’s land; a mother that could care less about a rat running across the floor; drugs and alcohol available almost any time and anywhere; a life leading to prostitution, drug use constantly, and alcohol at any time.

Sharquent was one of ten children that mostly raised themselves, sometimes with the help of sugar daddies or gangs or supposed friends she met on the street. At the age of nine her brother began sexually abusing her. She was small bodied so could not and did not know if she should go to someone about this abuse that continued for quite a time. Until later in life she had no knowledge as to whether this thing her brother was doing was right or not until it went on for too long a time. The mother fed these children by dumpster diving, going through trashcans, and taking home for her kids anything to eat whether good or spoiled. It is a wonder that they survived the so-called food they were raised with.

Supreme Justice by Phillip Margolin (Review #3)

Supreme JusticeReviewed by Allen Hott

Starting out with a ghost ship that is docked in Oregon this Phillip Margolin story gets involved with the local police, state police, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, and the justice system all the way up to the U. S. Supreme Court.

After a night watchman calls the local police about problems originating on the China Sea (the ship) he disappears. And as the local police begin looking into the problems on the ship Homeland Security steps in and basically tells the cops to go away and forget about it.

However one of them decides to pursue the problem. And then a local woman (who is Sarah Woodruff, a police officer) gets involved when a neighbor reports loud racket and what appears to be fighting at her neighbor’s home.

The upshot is that an overzealous attorney in the district attorney’s office charges Woodruff with murder even though he has no body. While this is going on more people are killed and missing including the two local cops who made the initial investigation.

Paper Money by Ken Follett

Paper MoneyReviewed by Allen Hott

Ken Follett is widely known and acclaimed for several of his best sellers including Eye of the Needle, Lie Down with Lions, and On Wings of Eagles. However Paper Money is a very short suspense novel that had been published pseudonymously in England prior to Follett gaining fame in the U.S.

This story basically takes place in one day. Strangely enough it is quite an action packed day for the participants (and the reader also). A British Member of Parliament, a business tycoon, a hardened criminal, and a young newspaper reporter in fact make up the bulk of the action. There are a few additional characters but they really just supplement the main events.

Tim Fitzpeterson, the MP, wakes from having spent the night with a young girl. He doesn’t know her background and though he dreads the thought of the uproar that a divorce will cause to his political career he decides that he will ask the young lady to become his wife. He is completely enamored with her.

Joker One by Donovan Campbell

Joker OneReviewed by Allen Hott

Joker One is a true accounting of a United States Marine Corps unit as they fought in Ramadi, Iraq in 2004. Lieutenant Donovan Campbell who was the Platoon Commander of the forty-man infantry platoon does a great job of telling the happenings of their year in the combat zone. Joker One was the radio call name for his platoon and it came about because it was the first platoon in a company led by a Captain who “laughed like a donkey braying”.

If you have any interest in the Marine Corps, its fighting structure, and how the Marines work and hang together this is your book. Campbell goes into great detail as he explains how his unit came together. He tells about highlights of the behavior of Marines in combat and how they react. He is rather hard on himself as he recounts mistakes that he feels that he made but he is also hard on our government in places. He is also hard on the Iraqi people who did not even give the Americans a chance to show what they were trying to do.

Campbell tells of the various Marines in his platoon and also in the company to which the platoon belonged. He describes his own superior or Company Commander as being a very nosed leatherneck who was extremely hard on the lieutenants under his command.

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boys Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

Heaven is for RealReviewed by Teri Davis

Who really knows about heaven? Most of us have read the Bible version of heaven, but still question its reality. How do we know if it really exists?

Rev. Todd Burpo always believed in heaven which is to be expected for a minister. However, what he didn’t plan was having his four-year-old son explain the reality of heaven to him.

Colton Burpo seemed to have the flu along with his older sister. When the sister improved and Colton didn’t, Todd, and his wife, Sonja, prayed and fortunately took their son to another medical facility to discover that his son’s appendix had burst. During this frustrating time, the family began to question their faith.

Colton was finally able to return home, healthy. What was shocking was when Colton started to describe heaven and events that he could not have possibly known about such as the miscarriage of a baby before he was even born.

The Dog Sox by Russell Hill

The Dog SoxReviewed by Teri Davis

Some men will do anything to impress their girlfriend. Ray Adams who has worked as a building contractor for years decides to give his younger girlfriend, Ava Bell, the perfect gift. Yes, Ava adores excellent jewelry, but the real gift is a minor league baseball team named the Knights Landing Dog Sox. After all, what else can you buy for this glamorous professional attorney to keep her interest?

On the team are many has-been and want-to-be players, but most of the focus is on the pitchers especially Billy Collins. He possesses an unhittable curve throw that is almost guaranteed to strike out every batter. Unfortunately, he has problems making it last for all nine innings and if he is distracted, then his aim is off.