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A Lesson in Secrets by Jacquelyn Winspear

A Lesson in SecretsReviewed by Nancy Eaton

In A Lesson in Secrets, Maisie Dobbs goes undercover on behalf of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch and the Secret Service. Her undercover job is to be an assistant professor at a college. There is something going on at this college and the secret service wants more information.

It does not take long for a murder to occur at the college. The college’s controversial pacifist founder and principal is murdered. Who is the murderer?

There are also many things going on in Maisie’s personal life right now and this adds to the story. Maisie is now a woman with financial independence. She inherited property, investments and cash from her mentor, Dr. Maurice Blanche.

Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark

Guilt by AssociationReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Marcia Clark was an expert while serving on the job of District Attorney. Does she know how to write a good book? That was the question in my mind before I started reading Guilt by Association. We know that some people take advantage of their fame and try to capitalize on it. It took only the first few chapers to convince me that Marcia Clark did indeed write an excellent crime thriller.

Assistant D.A. Rachel Knight works for L.A.’s Special Trials Unit. The main purpose of this group of attorneys is to handle high-profile cases.

Guilt by Association consists of two plots. One involves the rape of a teenager who is the daughter of a well-known physician. Her father believes he knows who committed this crime but the daughter denies that the man her father is accusing is the rapist. Rachel is under pressure to find out the truth.

A Star Shall Fall by Marie Brennan

A Star Shall FallThe return of Halley’s Comet, intrigue in the Faerie Court, the Great Fire that burned four-fifths of London to the ground, and the cursed Dragon that caused it: these are just some of the plot elements of Marie Brennan’s blockbuster, page-turning historical Urban Fantasy novel A Star Shall Fall. In this third novel of her series that began with Midnight Never Comes and continued with In Ashes Lie, Brennan’s epic saga comes full circle, with the much-anticipated and feared return of the Dragon that caused London’s Great Fire the subject of great concern and worry among the Fae that inhabit London and all of England. They barely managed to defeat the Dragon and send him into space to rendevous with Halley’s Comet the first time. A Dragon bent on revenge is not something they wish to face, but they will need something more than even their wondrous magic to stop the Dragon this time–they’ll also need science.

Queen Lune, the Queen of the Onyx Court, looks as beautiful and as young as ever, yet she has outlived several human consorts, known as Princes of the Stone. The main male hero of A Star Shall Fall is her most recent consort, or Prince of the Stone, the wealthy gentleman Galen St. Clair. He has done the unthinkable, but what many men would have done in his position–he’s fallen in love with Lune. She seems to care deeply for him, also, but for a being who is practically immortal and has lived longer than any of her human lovers, the concept of love starts to seem sort of vague and loses some of its meaning.

The task that Queen Lune and her subjects rely on Galen to accomplish is one which they have been trying to solve ever since the Great Fire and the last appearance of Halley’s Comet–what to do whenever it returns with a very angry Dragon aboard, ready to renew its age-old battle with them afresh. But, how can he hope to succeed where others have come up clueless? That is a difficult question to ponder, with no easy solution in sight. That is, unless the Fae can once again rely on and count on their symbiotic relationship with humans once again, the bond that has kept them alive and thriving despite such things as iron, which is very harmful to them.