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The Complaints by Ian Rankin

The ComplaintsReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Malcolm Fox works in the Complaints and Conduct office. The main purpose of this office is to investigate other cops. Many cops asked the same questions – How can you do it? How can you spit on your own kind? It is not surprising that a person doing this type of work is not well liked.

Malcolm has many things going on in his personal life. His father is in a nursing home and his sister is in an abusive relationship.

Fox just finished a case involving a well-known officer when he is asked to investigate a young officer because his computer shows links to a child abuse ring. He soon discovers that this officer is investigating a death that is very close to his sister. To make matters worse, Fox likes this young officer. As the investigation continues, Fox gets to the point where he does not know who to trust.

Come and Find Me by Hallie Ephron

Come and Find MeReviewd by Nancy Eaton

Come and Find Me is a very different kind of book to read. It reminded me of a combination suspense/science fiction story.

The author really did a great job with the technology aspect of Come and Find Me. I loved the idea of the avatars and how Diana used Nadia for virtual meetings with clients. This really places this thriller in today’s world.

Diana Banks, a former computer hacker, lost her husband, Daniel, in a mountain climbing accident. His cries for help still haunt her and she suffers panic attacks. She very rarely leaves the house which is equipped with the latest security available. The only thing she will do is open the door for the UPS deliveryman or a visit from her sister Ashley. She and Daniel’s best friend run an Internet security company. It is convenient for her because she does the work from her home.