Emmy Budd Volume 2: Don’t Look Now by Jean Blasiar

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Emmy Budd Volume 2 Don't Look Now by Jean Blasiar“That man in the phone booth. He’s looking right at me again. Look someplace else.”

Emmy Budd is speaking these words to T.J. Blake as the two are planning on seeing a movie. In the small town of Jerseyville, Ohio in the 1950s where everyone knows everyone else, this stranger’s actions scare Emmy Budd.

What would a twelve-year-old do when there’s a strange man watching and following her? Emmy Budd is somewhat relieved when her best friend, T. J. Blake shows up and joins her. However, the twosome is not pleased when they are being followed and someone seems to be trying to run them down while they are riding their bikes.

When T.J. and Emmy go to the local pharmacy, they are surprised to find a new manager in the store.
They both find this strange as Mister Foster with his sister, have always owned this pharmacy. So why have both of the owners all of a sudden left town? How is this strange man that has been following related to the Fosters and why is he so interested in two twelve-year-olds?

DON’T LOOK NOW is the second book by Jean Blasiar featuring Emmy Budd. The first book, EMMY BUDD AND THE HIJACKED TRAIN is also written in much of the tradition on Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Emmy Budd and her best friend, T. J. Blake investigate and assist the local police in solving crime.

Jean Blasiar has written seven young adult novels, including the Emmy Budd series. She has also written eight full-length productions in the Los Angeles area. She lives in Southern California where she is writing more Emmy Budd novels.

DON’T LOOK NOW is a well-written simple mystery novel with realistic characters who smartly investigate crimes. The story is aimed at the tween audience with no inappropriate words or insinuations. I look forward to new additions in this series.

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