The Moment of Truth by Mark O’Neal (Review #2)

Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

moment1Mo, short for Maurice Ousley, is an NBA star. He is a star in every meaning of the word in basketball and is a boyfriend of Gabrielle (Gabby), both being very serious with each other. Being a star with fans wanting a piece of you in public or private can become quite a difficult task through life. Mo was voted to be on the All Star Team and was fully looking forward to playing in the game along with all the side events that took place in connection. One night before the game Mo and Gabby had a misunderstanding over a past relationship of Gabby’s and it resulted in Mo taking off with their relationship hanging.

When Mo was getting into his limo he found that he was being kidnapped by an old acquaintance from years back that Mo did not regard very highly. It seems in previous years a former mutual friend had been sent to prison for stealing some gold in a Brink’s robbery, and that gold had never been found. It was then up to Mo to find out where the gold was hidden and take the kidnapper to where it was and then, so Mo was told, he would be released.

The story has many twists, some predictable and some not, but you will delve into the world of crooks as well as fictional star players of the NBA as the search for the stolen goods goes on from trying to get the original thief to expose where it was and accomplish all of this without Mo being exposed. All the time Gabby was heartsick and wondering if Mo had left her and hooked up with someone else.

The book is short and a fast read. The slang is as expected in an area where professional stars gather and exploit all their stories with each other. The parties were usually wild. The plot will flow to a conclusion as you question some of the actions of all the actors.

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