Whiplash by Dale Brown and Jim DeFlice

whiplashReviewed by Mary Ebert

Peace to earth, goodwill to all, not only a great Christmas sentiment but the in this installment in Dreamland a very real possibility. And wow as much as it sounds great to us average Americans it’s not on the wishlist of a few people. Those people have decided to create a massive nuclear disaster. They where careful. Then by accident the remaining members of Dreamland find out and are on the way to find out who knows what and who is there to stop it if it can be stopped.The question is can it be stopped or are we living and you have on borrowed time?

Having never read the other books in this seris I was worried about not being able to connect to this book. I did not have to worry. The idea is gripping, peace breaking out world wide, and to stop it a few hundred people willing to blow up thousands. This is the kind of smart action thriller that makes you crave more. A thinking action thriller is the greatest gift anyone can get. There are people who like action for the sake of action and if they are on your list they will love this book. I like my action with thought behind it. Give me something plausable and I’m gone. This author has just made my see it don’t hesitate to buy it list.

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