The First Trip by Paris Tompkins

tripReviewed by Cy Hilterman

The Oodle family lives in Oodleville. They like living in Oodleville but wondered what was beyond their land but they were a bit frightened to travel to the Land Beyond. This changed when Mama Oodlebird reached her one-hundredth birthday. You see, in Oodleville, when the Oodle-birds reached that age, they were able to fly high enough to get out of their valley and travel, with an Oodle family member on their back, to see what was beyond their beautiful valley. Mama Oodle-bird could now fly two hundred miles and high enough to get over the mountains.

Bubba Oodle became the first to take this flight. He and Mama Oodle-bird soared far and wide to see the many kinds of places and things they never saw before. It was scary but it was so thrilling to feel the wind go through their hair as they took in so many sights. They would land and see and talk to various others along the way. This made Bubba and Mama Oodle-bird so happy. But in time, they had to return to Oodleville. Everyone in the town welcomed them and asked so many questions that it was hard to get through all this celebrity status.

I would say it is a very good book for ages 4 to 8. The illustrations by Corrine Morita are great. She adds much to the story. It will educate while entertaining a youngster.

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