The Broken Road to Disaster Recovery by Keifer Bonvillain

brokenReviewed by Cy Hilterman

The author describes this book, “A story of drugs, sex, alcohol, and FEMA fraud”. Keifer Bonvillian took a job to help clean up Louisiana after the disastrous hurricanes hit his parents’ area of living, Terrebonne Parish (in LA. They call them Parish’s while most in the United States call them counties”). Keifer had never done this type of work before but he figured he could do it, as he was not afraid of hard work. What he got into was a nightmare that he still lives within his mind today. The corruption that occurred by the company he worked for, Beck Disaster Recovery opened his eyes to what can and does go wrong when the government takes charge without really taking charge!

Keifer started as a manual laborer and soon moved into monitor and then a supervisory position for Beck. He saw corruption every day by employees of Beck, contractors, local government employees, and even the out of state management of Beck. I am not going to go into individual names that the author mentions, some he trusted who crossed him, and many he couldn’t trust from the moment he met them. When he became a job monitor, followed by supervisor, he did all he could to make things legitimate but every which way he turned, someone was on the take or were involved in helping others receive sex, drugs, alcohol or a combination of all of them. He discovered the many discrepancies in truckloads of disaster related refuse and how the measurement varied so much from truck to truck and contractor to contractor. Many employees would clock in, make an appearance, then take off for a bar or motel/hotel where they had women, mostly employees, to do as they wished. In most situations they were paid enough in money or any of the aforementioned methods of “payment” to make corruption stand out, impossible for an honest person to take as normal and correct.

Keifer has told all of what he learned mostly the hard way through living it. But in general, all his complaining to superiors were not taken care of and, in most cases just caused a few monitors or supervisors to be switched around or only a token person here and there to be placed on “stand-by” or laid off at least temporarily. While Keifer has laid out a tremendous amount of wrongs over time, he seems to duplicate himself in some of the situations. I think this was caused by his thorough disgust at the handling of the many discrepancies he discovered. Keifer has turned all of the results he had found, tapes, emails, letters, recordings of meetings, and other proof of fraud over to the FBI. He has high hopes that further action will be taken so this type of corruption does not occur in this magnitude again.

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