Rigged for Murder by Jenifer LeClair

riggedReviewed by Patricia Reid

Brie Beaumont is a member of the Minneapolis Police Department. After her partner is killed in the line of duty, Brie suffers from post-traumatic stress. She decides to take a leave from her job and signs up for a cruise on The Maine Wind. Brie has fond memories of sailing with her father and feels that this type of a trip is just what she needs.

The Maine Wind is an old-fashioned sailing ship. Captain John DuLuc has his own crew but the members of the cruise party are expected to lend a hand. Although the cruise begins calmly enough, the ship runs into a gale and are forced to anchor off Granite Island.

When a crew member is found murdered, Brie steps up to lead the investigation. Due to the storm, it is not possible to get authorities on the scene right away. Even though Brie is beginning to have romantic feelings towards DuLuc, she cannot exclude him as a suspect.

The group leaves the ship to take the body to land and radio the authorities. Before Brie can get the investigation under control another member of the party goes missing. Rigged for Murder is an exciting mystery with a little romance thrown in.

The setting for this novel is unique and gives the reader insight into life aboard a sailing ship.

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