Rainwater by Sandra Brown

rainwater1Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Rainwater is a much different style of book than we are used to from Sandra Brown. We are used to crime, mystery, and detective, stories interlaced with love. Rainwater is a terrific book that takes us into a world about which Sandra Brown has wanted to write for years. I loved reading and thoroughly enjoying the story, the characters, and the actions of 1934 Texas with racial problems running high, education running low, and much inter-action between all the players. There is a romantic side of Rainwater also that brings some of the people together that the reader might not expect.

Ella Barron runs a boardinghouse out of necessity to exist but she enjoys her routines and especially enjoys her seemingly mentally challenged son, Solly. Dr. Kincaid brought Mr. Rainwater to Ella requesting that she allow him to become a boarder. It so happened that a room was available so she took Mr. Rainwater in to join her other boarders all of who got along quite well. When Mr. Rainwater saw the things Solly was doing, he stepped in with Ella’s approval and they discovered that Solly could do some amazing things with dominos, tooth picks, cards, and eventually more. He worked with Solly a lot.

The racial relations of the time combined with shantytown where all the poor downtrodden lived, white and black, were an explosive issue with several in town continually bothering and outright hurting these people and any property they might have. The lack of rain and feed caused the cattle to starve. The federal government ruled that animals in that condition had to be killed and they were not allowed to be used for food, which was so much needed by the poor. When the town “bullies” came to drive the cattle into a deeply dug ditch, killed, and covered with lye so they could not be used for food, many battles and hard feelings ensued. Mr. Rainwater, even though in bad health, joined in the battle to save the cattle and allow them to be used for food.

This describes the book pattern well and should entice you to purchase it and when you do don’t expect to be able to put it down before finishing it. Thanks Sandra Brown. I could read more of this type stories from you. Yes, I enjoy all your other books as I think I have read all of them.

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