Men With Red Ties: Diary of an Emigre by Nastya Polikarpova (Review #2)

tiesReviewed by Joanne Reynolds

It is obvious from the start of this book that there will be sorrow. Alina and her co-workers at a New York dance club have come to this country from Russia believing that they will get educated and fine the man of their dreams and live a very happy, fulfilling life.

It seems that the girls’ expectations of such are not becoming a reality. They experience life and have affairs with married, rich men who treat them as toys. Hearts and expectations get broken.

Nastya writes well, as if she is taking words right from her heart to the the paper. Just makes it sad that the vision these girls are looking for isn’t happening and that part of that is their own fault. The thoughts and images of being rescued by a white knight really is for novels.

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