Identity Crisis by Debbi Mack

Reviewed by Patricia Reid

Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae is an attorney. When Detective Martin Derry of the Prince George County Police appears at her office along with Special Agent Carl Jergins of the FBI looking for her client Melanie Hayes, Sam is shocked. Sam represented Melanie in a domestic abuse case. It seems Tom Garvey, Melanie’s ex, is dead and Melanie has disappeared.

Sam agrees that if she locates Melanie, she will contact the police as long as she can be present at the interview. Derry and Jergins are also trying to locate a CD and want to know if Melanie left the CD with Sam. Sam is also questioned about two men, Gregory Knudsen and Christof Stavos. Stavos is rumored to be a member of the mob according to the FBI agent.

Sam begins to search for Melanie but she faces many dangers before the search is over. Murder is not the only crime that has been committed. Sam finds evidence of an identity theft scheme that has ties to Melanie and the bank that employs her.

There is never a dull moment in Sam’s life or in the pages of Identity Crisis. The conclusion was a surprise, at least to this reader.

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