Blood Island by H. Terrell Griffin

islandReviewed by Patricia Reid

Matt Royal is an attorney who retired young. Matt managed to make enough money to allow him to give up his law practice and live a life of leisure at his home on Longboat Key in Florida. This easy life comes to an abrupt halt when he receives a message from his ex-wife Laura. Matt and Laura meet and Laura explains that her stepdaughter, Peggy, has disappeared while on spring break in Florida.

Although Matt and Laura have been divorced for a number of years, Matt is still in love with Laura. Matt tells her he will do everything he possibly can to locate Peggy. Matt soon finds that this promise is easy to make but harder to keep.

Matt manages to retrace Peggy’s steps and finds himself in the midst of more trouble than his special forces training can handle alone. Matt’s friend Logan Hamilton steps in to help as well as Jock Algren, another friend with connections in high places.

The trail leads to the “Heaven Can’t Wait Spa” where it seems many young girls are in training. There is a further link to Rev. Robert William Simmermon, a preacher who seems somehow connected to the Spa and to Peggy’s disappearance. Soon the three converge on Blood Island, Simmermon’s headquarters. The body count mounts as Matt discovers that prostitution is only a small part of Simmermon’s twisted plan to save the world.

“Blood Island” is a book full of excitement and strong characters with great descriptions of Matt Royal’s Florida.

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