Blessings of the Season by Annie Jones & Brenda Minton

Reviewed by Jane Squires

blessingsThe Holiday Husband

Addie shows up at a deptment store applying for job. She runs into Nathan and Jesse playing hide and seek among the clothes racks. She has to fight to get a job with the owners because of the wreck made by Nathan and Jesse and other reasons.
She comes up with a plan that makes Nathan put all his plans on hold to stay and help her. You can see God sometimes working through unforeseen circumstances to change plans to carry out his plan. A delightful read and will uplift your spirits for the holidays.

The Christmas Letter

Lizzie, a 12 year old, writes a soldier as part of a school assignment.  Eventually she keeps writing him letters as if they are from her Mom.  No one expected him to show up at their door looking for Isabella and wanting to get to know the woman who wrote the letters. Chad decides to stay in town and see if he can change Isabella’s opinion of him. 

Living in a rural area this book is like reading a story from my own town. People all know each other and nothing is private. God brought my husband from one town to another to meet me and I found this story so rewarding.  Sometimes God repositions us to find the person he has for us in life.

A delightful book and your holiday spirits will soar reading it.

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