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The Witch Doctor’s Wife by Tamar Myers (Review #2)

doctorReviewed by Teri Davis

Amanda Brown is literally immersed into the African culture of 1958 when she agrees to fill in for a missionary couple. How demanding can it be for a few months?

To begin with the housekeeper who is male, Protruding Navel, has an extremely judgmental attitude of his expectations for Amanda. Added to that, Amanda decides to hire a local as her assistant basically to irritate Protruding Navel. This woman, Cripple, who is the local witch doctor’s first wife, understands human nature and who comfortably unsettles Protruding Navel.

Gifts of the Heart by Karen Boes Oman

giftsReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Christmas Eve at grandparents house and it’s time to read the eight grandchildren a story. They gathered on and around grandpa excited to hear a story about Christmas. Grandpa read a tale to the children where he and grandma had gathered up their gifts from out of the drawers, beds, and wherever they were. The weatherman had promised a clear day but a sudden snowstorm appeared, blowing everything swirling away, everything that was in the car.

Gifts of the Heart takes the children on an imaginary flight where they could see all their gifts blowing to various people and animals that could use them. After a while, Little Bo Peep knocked at the door and offered to fly them all in her sleigh to take them to see how the various recipients were using the gifts that had blown to them.