Daily Archives: December 8, 2009

Magic Lance by Hal Simmons

magicReviewed by Patricia Reid

An abandoned silver mine, a rancher struggling to survive, and Indians rich from casino earnings all blend together to make for a unique and exciting story.

Lance Burnett is a rancher that wants nothing more than to hang onto the ranch that has been in his family for years but times are hard. The ranch is not making any money and Lance’s wife is not happy living on the ranch. When Lance and his wife, Jan, decide to investigate an abandoned mine, Jan is hurt. When she recovers, she decides that she is going to remain in town and Lance can work the ranch and visit on the weekends.

Rigged for Murder by Jenifer LeClair

riggedReviewed by Patricia Reid

Brie Beaumont is a member of the Minneapolis Police Department. After her partner is killed in the line of duty, Brie suffers from post-traumatic stress. She decides to take a leave from her job and signs up for a cruise on The Maine Wind. Brie has fond memories of sailing with her father and feels that this type of a trip is just what she needs.

The Maine Wind is an old-fashioned sailing ship. Captain John DuLuc has his own crew but the members of the cruise party are expected to lend a hand. Although the cruise begins calmly enough, the ship runs into a gale and are forced to anchor off Granite Island.