Daily Archives: December 6, 2009

Elmer the Christmas Elf by Marilyn E. Randall

elmer3Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Marilyn Randall has an extensive background in graphic design and it is shown in her wonderful drawings.  Her characters are so adorable that all children will love them.

Each of her stories is a delight to read because of the rhymes and the story has a valuable lesson on life.  The books are so positive and help the child with life lessons.

Her Name Was Beauty by Deborah A. Williams

beautyReviewed by Joanne Reynolds

Beauty is born into a multi-racial family and is very loved by her parents. As time goes and Beauty is going to attend school, her parents, Selena & Willam, are concerned about how she will handle school and how others will treat her.

Men With Red Ties: Diary of an Emigre by Nastya Polikarpova (Review #2)

tiesReviewed by Joanne Reynolds

It is obvious from the start of this book that there will be sorrow. Alina and her co-workers at a New York dance club have come to this country from Russia believing that they will get educated and fine the man of their dreams and live a very happy, fulfilling life.