The Laceyville Monkeys by Harriet Ruderman

monkeysReviewed by Cy Hilterman

A delightful children’s story for, I would say, ages 4 to 8. I read it to one of my granddaughters who is age 3 and she kept interest part way through. She did listen to the rest and I would say she enjoyed the story. The owner and trainer of the Laceyville Monkeys taught them to do many things including dancing, tumbling, and singing so they were entered into a town contest. Others performed in the contest before them but when their shining moment of starlight came, they performed so well and the town loved them.

The story and all the terrific illustrations done by Beverly Luria are a pleasure to read and gaze upon. Any child in my recommended ages will love this book, either as it is read to them or if they are looking at the illustrations along with the story. This story contains some very good lessons for children.

A review copy of this book was supplied dto the reviewer by the publisher.

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