Tainted by Brooke Morgan

taintedReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

For Holly Barrett, efforts to make friends or develop relationships has always been painfully difficult. She’d had just one real friend throughout her school years, and only one “relationship” with a guy. That one pathetic relationship had ended when she discovered she was pregnant. So when the stunning Jack Dane sat down next to her on the bus returning to Shoreham she didn’t harbor and grand expectations. Here she was, shy, bumbling Holly and here was this dreamy guy-”faintworthy” as her friend Anna would say, talking to her! But fate had other plans for Holly Barrett and before long, not only does she have a relationship with Jack, they marry. And that’s when thing start going wrong. Really wrong.

Possibly it was because Holly had so little experience with men or because she couldn’t see beyond the handsome face, but for whatever reason, Holly wasn’t all that concerned when she couldn’t get Jack to talk about his past or anything about his family. Even Holly’s grandpa, Henry seemed taken in by Jack Dane. Only Billy Madison, the father of Holly’s daughter who suddenly reappears in her life, seems to be at all suspicious of the fabulous Jack. Will Billy be able to get anyone to pay attention to his concerns before it’s too late for Holly and her daughter?

In this a debut novel from author Morgan readers will find a fast paced, suspenseful story along the lines of Mary Jane Clark’s. The author has done an excellent job of setting up a contrast between the peacefulness of Holly’s life in a small village along the Massachusetts coast before Jack’s arrival and the turmoil that comes after the arrival of the darkly troubled Jack Dane. The characters are well defined. Holly, her daughter and grandfather are such a likeable characters. Jack is mysterious and unpredictable. And what about Billy? The author makes him the wild card in the plot. What are his intentions when he comes back? Is he here to cause trouble for Holly or does he really want to make up for missed time? Are his concerns about Jack real or is he jealous of Jack’s relationship with Holly and his daughter?

Readers who like the Mary Jane Clark’s or Jordan Dane’s books would probably love Tainted.

A review copy of this book was supplied to the reviewer by the publisher.

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