Night of Demons by Tony Richards

demonsReviewed by Gina Metz

Cornelius Hanlon is a vicious, twisted serial killer operating in Boston, MA. When the police nearly capture Hanlon he flees and happens to end up in Raine’s Landing, MA. Cornelius immediately begins killing again upon entering Raine’s Landing. With his first victim he inadvertently gains possession of a powerful gift that will make him much more dangerous than just a deranged serial killer.

Raine’s Landing is a city cloaked in magic. Centuries ago the Salem witches founded the town and cloaked it in magic. The town was cursed by a witch named Regan Farrow in the late sixteenth century. When she overstepped boundaries and angered the other people of the town, they burned her at the stake. As the flames burned around her, she cursed the town. Since then no residents could ever leave and outsiders could not enter. If someone happened on the town, they rarely stayed long and would immediately forget the town upon leaving.

When people attempt to enter Raine’s Landing they immediately hear voices in their heads telling them to leave. The curse isn’t a problem for individuals like Hanlon who are suffering from insanity and regularly hear voices in their heads.

Ross Devries is an ex-town cop who partners up with another loner, Cassandra Mallory. They work together to fight supernatural problems within the town although neither possess supernatural powers themselves or practice magic. These two will lead the town in trying to stop Cornelius who may have become more powerful than anyone in the town.

Night of Demons is a fast paced read with plenty of action. One wants to continue reading to find out if the people of Raine’s Landing will prevail over Cornelis and whether there will be a town left by the time he is done.

Tony Richards has written a great book with a town one would want to visit and people in it that you are hoping will win the battle. Many of the characters in the book you just want to read more about. This is the second book about Raine’s Landing. The first is Dark Rain which I look forward to reading. I also hope Tony Richards continues this series about the residents of Raine’s Landing.

A review copy of this book was supplied to the reviewer by the publisher.

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