Men with Red Ties by Nastassiya Palikarpava

tiesReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Alina came to the United States to live the dream that she always had been told it would be, but over time, she became disillusioned. She thought of days past when men, not being able to do enough for them, catered to women. For the most part those days do not exist any longer. Alina went to work for a dance club where she was supposed to move around the room and dance with several men during the course of an evening. Of course this led to more than “dancing” in most cases. Alina goes back over her seven years in the United States, reliving many of her experiences through her own words and through other girls memory of what they had done with and for her. The story switches from present, to past, and to Alina’s thoughts as she prepared to leave from JFK Airport and go back to her native country or some place she could enjoy life.

Alina and her associates had many experiences with men of money and means, some of which started out with a dance but ended up as far more and, sometimes lasting for days. Usually one of her friends would select, from knowledge obtained through various means, one of these men with money and means. They worked these guys perfectly, in most cases gaining a great share of their money not just from the time with the men but through their computers that tied into bank accounts that were reduced by a good margin. They would be sure they would leave when they had gone far enough or made enough money.

Some of the men that Alina became attached to were hard to con and then leave, but it had to be done before she and her accomplices were discovered. Alina met a girl name Jackie. The two of them worked together for a long period of time; even to the point of thinking they loved each other. Jackie was a great con artist. The various men Alina met, helped con and sometimes loved in her own way, were mostly playboys but when meeting some of these men, it was hard not to fall in love partially.

The reading is good regarding the subject matter of the book. I could never understand how a woman, or a man in some cases, could live a life such as Alina and her friends did. It opened a new vision in my mind, one I will remember but not follow!

A review copy of this book was supplied to the reviewer by the author.

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