Born to Run by James Grippando

runReviewed by Patricia Reid

Jack Swyteck has been at odds with his father for years but when U.S. Vice-President, Phil Grayson, dies during a hunting trip in the Everglades the two are suddenly working together. President Keyes asks that Harry, a former Florida governor, come to Washington. The President is requesting that Harry fill the vacancy created by the death of Vice-President Grayson. Harry asks Jack to be his legal advisor.

Jack arrives in Washington and soon begins to feel that Grayson’s death may not have been an accident. Jack receives an email that says the sender has information about the President that can ensure his father the office of President of the United States. Jack begins investigating but soon finds that the Washington crowd does not welcome his investigation and that includes his father.

A young woman with former ties to the White House, Chloe Sparks, is chasing a story involving the President. Chloe’s sister, Paulette, is a very popular journalist and is shocked when her sister’s body is discovered. Soon after retrieving her sister’s possessions including notes on Chloe’s possible story, Paulette meets with a deadly accident.

Jack returns to Florida and his girl friend Andie Henning, FBI Agent. His best friend Theo Knight is on hand to lend wisecracks and advice. Jack follows his leads to reveal a story that stretches across the United States and Europe and actually begins with an incident that happened many years ago in Sicily.

Born To Run brings back characters from other Grippando books and introduces new ones. A very exciting book that keeps the reader guessing.

A review copy of this book was supplied to the reviewer by the publisher.

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