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Frag Box by Richard A. Thompson

fragReviewed by Teri Davis

“Once a gun is out, it takes on a life of its own, and all your careful plans for anonymous existence can suddenly be nothing but yesterday’s dreams.”

Vietnam veteran, Herman Jackson firmly believes this after witnessing a brutal raid on a homeless community that seems to have happened without any media coverage. Since this is related to the death of an acquaintance, Charlie Victor, Herman finds way too many questions and no one has any answers. To find the box, Herman must first find out Charlie Victor’s complete past in order to understand his thinking.

Enemies of the People by Kati Marton

enemiesReviewed by Woodstock

Although catalogued as biography, you could make a good case for this to be a spy thriller or perhaps true crime.

Marton’s parents were Hungarian, and after WWII, they landed jobs as reporters for Associated Press in Budapest. Eventually the Hungarian Secret Police arrested them both, and left their two elementary aged daughters alone on the steps of their apartment house. Marton and her sister were soon taken to a foster home by a friend of the family, but the strain of the separation was a brutal reality for nearly two years. With their journalist employers pulling strings, and the compassionate involvement of some American diplomats, the Marton family was eventually able to leave Budapest for the United States. When the Iron Curtain was demolished in the early 1990’s Marton was able to get her parents’ files from the archives in Hungary. She followed up that research with painstaking searches through various American files.

The result is a terrific read, by turns filled with while knuckle suspense, heart breaking cruelty, and a well deserved happy ending.

The reviewer obtained a copy of this book from the library.

206 Bones by Kathy Reichs

bonesReviewed by Cy Hilterman

206 Bones is a thriller, a mystery, a medical lesson, a geography lesson, a history lesson, and contains all the enjoyment that comes with the Temperance Brennan character in Kathy Reichs series of books. While the story is probably mostly fiction the locations and medical parts are undoubtedly not fictionalized. Temperance give 206 Bones her normal humor and romantic twists with the reader never sure where her mind is all the time but definitely mostly on her work as a forensic anthropologist.

The Wrong Side of Dead by Jordan Dane (Review #2)

wrong1Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Seth Harper was a good man who seemed to get in trouble without trying. When he started drinking in a bar and found himself coming to somewhere with a dead woman in a motel bathroom, he had no idea what had happened but the police were there shouting for him to get on his knees. What happened? Needless to say the arrest didn’t go well as Seth was mostly out of it not knowing where he was or what had occurred. All he knew was that he had to barf!

Detectives Samantha Cooper and Ray Garza were Chicago Homicide Detectives. When Ray saw that Seth had been arrested, he gave Sam a heads up since she was a friend of Seth’s and she came to observe the questioning. Sam also was a very close friend of bounty hunter Jessie Beckett who was a VERY close friend of Seth’s. Jessie was a ruthless bounty hunter, not caring how far she had to go to get a wanted person. She worked alone until Alexa came on the scene and explained to Jessie that she had connections through the company she worked for and tried to talk Jess into working with her and sharing their knowledge to assist both of them. Reluctantly, Jess gave in but it took a lot of time for her to trust Alexa even partially.

Marriage: Divine Design or Devilish Deception by D.E. Christian

marriagelrReviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

With all of the sin and corruption in this world, this veil of tears, it’s often difficult to avoid being tempted by desires of the flesh. The Bible is the best guide, many people believe, to aid us in avoiding the pitfalls we daily face, and to help us from succumbing to temptation and sinning. Marriage is one of the holiest of institutions, and it is a covenant not to be entered into lightly, so it is fitting that there are many books written about this subject, and about how to avoid being divorced from one’s spouse and having premarital sex. One of the latest examples of this type of book is the short treatise by D.E. Christian, Marriage: Divine Design or Devilish Deception. Any book or treatise, sermon, hymn, scripture verse, etc., that aids us from sinning is worthwhile to know about, read, and learn from, so if you’re looking for a way to help boost your faith and learn more about the importance of marriage and how to avoid being deceived by temptation, then this is a book you ought to check out.

Christmas Love at Lake Tahoe by Lena Nelson Dooley

tahoe1Reviewed by Jane Squires

Fantastic – Whow – Whow – Whow.

This book will delight you from page 1 to the end. You will have a hard time putting it down. 4 stories about 4 girls who met in College and went to work for Bethany’s Grandparents at Ski Logue. You get 4 stories to delight you and all four stories entwine with each other.

Marriage: Divine Design or Devilish Deception

marriagelr1This book contains an extensive overview of the original intent of marriage, and a close look at marriage in today’s society.