Daily Archives: November 13, 2009

Chris Dreams BIG by Chris Dudley and Chris Love Dudley

chrisReviewed by Cy Hilterman

A beautifully illustrated book for, in my estimation, younger children in about the four to ten age group. Former NBA player, Chris Dudley and his wife Chris wrote this. The book tells the important story how anyone can have the chance do what he or she wants in life despite a disability. Chris had diabetes from a very young age and really felt bad. He had no energy to do the things a kid likes to do. He was diagnosed with diabetes and he started taking medicine as per the doctor’s orders. He was delighted when he found out the medications allowed him to feel good and was able to play the way he wanted to, especially play basketball.

The Great Grammar Book by Marsha Sramek

grammarReviewed by Chris Phillips

Grammar books have certainly changed since this reviewer last looked at one. Sramek has written the suitably titled The Great Grammar Book. What stands out about the book is its layout. With a workbook style she covers all the regular topics, but very well. Starting with the Diagnostic Test in the beginning she instructs and informs with trivia and fresh exercises testing the material taught.

The Diagnostic Test is not easy and does test the basic ability of the reader. However, it does provide immediate support in showing the correct answers. The subsequent chapters strengthen the weaknesses revealed with this test. Each chapter is divided in to a statement of the rules, examples of these rules and exercises to reinforce the rules. Finally, the review exercises and the “Final Chapter Review” test the reader on all the topics thoroughly.